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Biggar Museum Trust aims to collect, store, preserve and record Biggar and Upper Clydesdale’s rich archaeological, social and historic heritage. The museum explores 14,000 years of rural and small town life in Upper Clydesdale. It focuses on the people who have lived and worked here from prehistoric times up to the mid-20th century.

The objects on display illuminate a small part of their ordinary and extraordinary lives. In addition to the museum galleries, the building encompasses an archive room, stores, retail outlet and a separate area for temporary exhibitions.

Lady Godiva
Date: 1940's
Lady Godiva
This light fire pump was found wrecked and abandoned in Ballinluig in Perthshire. Two Biggar gire officers, George Shiels and John Paterson, recused it and restored it. The government ordered thousands of these for the Auxiliary Fire Service, set up just after the Second World War started. They were made by Coventry Climax Engines Limited. The light trailer pump used by Biggar firefighters in the 1940's would have been similar to this. It was pulled by a car.
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