Visit Scotland Award
We are delighted to announce Visit Scotland have rated the Biggar Museum an outstanding FIVE STARS!
Come visit us and see for yourself the wide range of unique objects in our collection!

The Museum vividly communicates the story of the people and history of Biggar and the Upper Clydesdale area. Tracing the history of the area, from the formation of the landscape through the arrival of the Neolithic peoples, the Bronze Age, the Roman occupation, 12th Century Flemish settlers, the Covenanter’s, exploring the area’s agricultural heritage and a reconstruction of a Scottish Victorian street.
Object of the Month
Albion A2 Dogcart Car
The Albion Motor Car Company was founded in 1899 by local engineer Thomas Blackwood Murray and his brother-in-law Norman Fulton. A Dogcart was a one-horse carriage with four seats: two facing forward and two backward. This 1901 model is one of only 89 manufactured before the Albion company moved to Scotstoun in 1903. Biggar Museum Trust bought the dogcart from a collector in Hawaii in May 1990.
Biggar Stories
Biggar and the House of Fleming
The dramatic story the House of Fleming in Biggar begins in the 14th century. It features murder and execution, loyalty and tragedy. The new narrative of the House of Fleming introduces many less well-known but highly significant figures.

Visit the museum to hear about their trials and escapades as they become inextricably caught up in the saga of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Look out for the reconstructed model of the Fleming family home in Biggar, Boghall Castle.
Biggar Museum Trust – Image 1

Exhibition Space for Hire
An ideal workspace for community activities and local exhibitions.

During the winter months Biggar Museum are hiring out their special exhibition space to local communities and organisations. We offer a workspace ideal for lectures, workshops and events. The space includes access to kitchen, W/C's and independent access to the museum when used outside museum opening hours.

Please call to discuss using the space for your event.

Tel. 01899 221050
The Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum project

Biggar Museum Trust was formed in 1971 to take overall responsibility for the museums and collection built up by Brian Lambie and housed in a number of buildings in and around Biggar. In 2010 the Trustees decided that this important collection should be conserved and displayed in a way which would meet both contemporary museum standards and the expectations of visitors. A feasibility study was carried out in 2010 which recommended that a new purpose-built museum could be created on the site of the former Stephens Garage premises on Biggar High Street.

The local community had long supported the museums and raised £500,000 for the purchase of the site and towards initial project design costs.

Funding for the project was then sought from a variety of sources including private trusts and public funding bodies and the offer of a major grant from the Clyde Wind Farm Community Development Fund enabled the Trustees to put the project out to tender and to begin work.

The balance of funding to complete the project was to come from a second appeal to the local community and from the sale of surplus buildings.

Biggar & Upper Clydesdale Museum opened to visitors on 28 July 2015